Our Work

Our Work

FIN Victoria is a non-profit, incorporated association. We have successfully applied for limited, one-off, funding grants to support the work of our volunteers and the Steps to Speaking Up Advocacy Project (in partnership with VALID). Given our limited funding we are extremely proud of our achievements since our launch in July 2014. The passion and commitment of our volunteers is integral to our success so far. 

There are a couple of dream projects that we hope to bring to fruition in the future:

  • A 1800 telephone support line for families to get support, advice and referrals.
  • A fund to pay for residential parenting assessments so infants are not removed from their parents and placed in care due to waiting lists.

If you would like to support us donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.


Our volunteer advocates help families involved with child protection get a fair go.

Peer Support

Our Peer Action Groups bring hope, change and purpose.

System Reform

Our systemic advocacy and training promotes better outcomes.