Steps to Speaking Up

Steps to Speaking Up: Important things to know about the Child Protection system for parents with disabilities in Victoria.

This resource is an easy to read, 40 page booklet explaining 12 steps to deal effectively with child protection:

  1. Understand child protection
  2. Have good things to speak about with child protection workers
  3. Meeting with child protection workers
  4. Identify the issues and concerns
  5. Find support
  6. Decide on your goals
  7. Make a plan to solve the issues and concerns
  8. Speak up for yourself and your family
  9. Get good evidence (proof) and information
  10. Understand the different Court systems
  11. Speak up if you don’t agree with decisions or evidence
  12. Learn about the Children’s Court

The booklet is in PDF format and can be downloaded S2SU Manual.