System Reform

System Reform

As key stakeholders parents and family members have a significant contribution to make to system improvement. However, they are often judged and marginalised, treated only as a problem and not engaged seriously in seeking solutions to system failings.

FIN Victoria engages with families under a citizenhood model approach. Beyond their individual cases we offer families opportunities to have a say in the community sector, service sector and in the political arena.

We support families to write their own submissions to government inquiries and to contribute to submissions made by our organisation. Our members have given evidence to Federal Senators for a review into Out of Home Care. 

Members of our Peer Action Group for parents with disability contributed to our submission to a Legal Aid Services Review. 


FIN Victoria Submission to Senate OOHC Inquiry 2014

VLA CP Review Submission FINV PAG

FIN Victoria Submission CYF Amendent 2015

CCYP Permancy Inquiry VALID FIN

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"One measure of a system's effort to better engage parents is its willingness to hear from parents in roles other than that of service recipient."

David Tobis (2013). From Pariahs to Partners: How Parents and Their Allies Changed New York City’s Child Welfare System.